Everyone wants to be rank#1 in Google

we think that our website is much relevant to deserve rank #1, but at the same time question arises—“How can Google know that you are relevant”? Why should it care? Large numbers of clients think that SEO is a technical discipline that includes “hiding keywords” at all the right location on your website and knowing Google’s magic formula, we can control a website based on Google’s Algorithm. It’s essential to know the types of factors that search engine include in their algorithms. Some of the recent Google’s algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin and Venice have put a major impact on ranking of small businesses in search engines.

Why Links are Essential for SEO?

Quality links are essential and much more effective than just a high quantity of links. Businesses that deserve to rank well in Google must acquire legitimate links.Recognize and acknowledge the mistakes that you have made so you can avoid them in the future.

Its quality, not quantity that counts for Small Businesses…

What Makes Small Business Deserve Better Ranks?

• Huge Consumer Base/High Sales
• Admired Leader in your Industry
• Your Charitable Acts
• Your well connections in Community
• You are an Award Winner

So, as an award winner, legitimate and well-established business, your aim is to show Google

• Why You Are
• Who You say You Are
• Why You Deserve to Rank Well

Turn Your OFFLINE Presence to ONLINE

Show your actual presence & verify that what you say is what you are.

Huge Customer Base

Having huge support of loyal customers, you easily get number of them to mention reviews for you online, specifically on your Google+ Local page, which is a contributing factor within local search results.

As a Thought Leader

Write blog and show your innovative as well as creative skills to catch user’s attention. Also show Google that you are an admired leader you deserve to be.

Your Connections to your community

Show to Google that you are well connected to other businesses or organization by receiving links. It’s worth to earn link from businesses with which you have mutual relationship. Write testimonial for them that will go to their website. This is quite useful activity from SEO point of view.

Your Charitable Acts

Usually Charitable Organizations keep a list of donors on their website. They have list of logos of their support donors and it simply becomes easy to contact them and ask to include a link to your website.

You have Won Awards

If you are a legitimate award winner, then organization who gave you award will mention you on their website and also link on to your website simultaneously.

To Rank Well, Show Your Online Presence, Connections & Act as a Thought Leader in your industry.

For anymore guidelines or queries, Ask from our team of SEO experts at Techie Squad Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for ways to rank #1 in Google.

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